I have to be honest…. Reiki is my favourite holistic therapy.  I think it is because it is such a gentle treatment and yet, it is equally so powerful.  The effects of Reiki on my clients, never ceases to amaze me!

The general explanation is that Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’ and is a traditional Japanese practice.

Reiki promotes healing and relaxation with the use of traditional hand movements and hand positioning.  Hands are rested gently on the body (or slightly above – which is useful if there is a wound or a very painful area).

Reiki rebalances the mind, emotions, body and spirit.  You can experience feelings of peace, clarity of mind and wellbeing.  It is a natural, safe and gentle therapy suitable for everyone (including babies, children and animals).

The treatment begins by us having a chat about your general health and if you have any problem areas. Then you will lie down fully clothed on the therapy couch and are made comfortable before your treatment begins.

During the treatment you may feel heat, cold or tingling (or nothing at all), and this is all perfectly normal, as the toxins are unblocked and the energy starts moving around the body.

Reiki therapy helps the body to relax into a deeply meditative state, which allows it to listen to its inner voice (subconscious mind) and self-heal.



30 Minutes

1 hour

Please allow an extra 15 minutes to your appointment time to complete the health questionnaire.



Lovely uplifting presence

“Liza has a lovely uplifting presence, a caring and joyful energy that makes the Reiki session very special.  She tuned into certain areas in my body that were off balance.  I highly recommend Liza and really look forward to seeing her again soon.”

— S.T.

Beautifully calm atmosphere

“Having had many Reiki sessions with Liza I can categorically say that they have a profound and wonderful effect.  I always leave with a sense of calm and healing.  Liza seems to intuitively know which areas need attention and she delivers her healing in a beautifully calm atmosphere.”

— B.M.