Natural Facelift Massage

We all want to look younger but how do we go about it in a more holistic and natural way?  The answer for me was to combine my love of Japanese traditional therapies and the ancient Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda - and train in the Natural Facelift Massage.

This treatment helps to reduce wrinkles and expression lines to give a more youthful and vibrant appearance.  Skin will appear softer, complexion and skin tone will improve, puffiness will reduce and you will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.  Facelift Massage is a gentle non-invasive approach to maintaining a younger looking face, and improving overall health.

This advanced method of traditional facial massage treats the surface and also deep facial tissues with highly refined, gentle hand and finger manipulation.  This releases stresses and traumas locked deeply in the muscles and energy of the face, head, neck and shoulders.

The massage is performed with you lying on the therapy couch. It is beneficial to have your top removed so that your shoulders and neck are easily accessible.  A cleanse and tone of your face will begin the treatment and then a choice of oil is applied to aid a gentle massage of your neck and shoulders, to get you fully relaxed, before a series of hand massage movements are applied to the face. A natural eye and lip cream, serum and moisturiser are added during the facial massage to increase the benefits of this youth inducing treatment.



60 minutes

Please allow an extra 30 minutes for your initial consultation.

Using British made, award winning, Age Aware ARK Skincare products.

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Lovely experience

“I wasn’t sure what to expect having a ‘Natural Facelift Massage’ but as usual with Liza’s treatments, it was a lovely relaxing massage, and my skin felt rejuvenated, much tighter and brighter.  Altogether a lovely experience”

— K.O.

De-stressed me immediately

“The lovely feel and smell of the natural facial oil and creams, along with the inclusive neck and shoulder massage de-stressed me immediately. My skin felt revitalized, smooth and plumped”

— M.P.